Bug Ball

To conclude and celebrate our learning about minibeasts and ecosystems at the end of Term 2, we held a Bug Ball for all the grade Prep, 1 and 2 students in the EPEE Centre. We danced to bug music, played bug games and ate some bug food. We also dressed up as our favourite minibeast.

DSCF0528 DSCF0530 DSCF0535

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Term 3 News

This term we learning about the people in the community who help us. We will be visiting many places around Colac Students will become helpers for a day to celebrate our learning.

We have learnt about people who:

Keep us healthy like doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, health workers, chemists and how vets help animals stay healthy.

Keep us safe like fire fighters, police officers, school crossing supervisors and how signs show us how to be safe.

Provide wants and needs like farmers, hairdressers, clothes shops and supermarkets.

Help build things like plumbers, builders, architects, electricians, carpenters and painters.

Help us without getting paid – volunteers like Scout Leaders, umpires, Lions Club and life savers.