Welcome to Term 4

After our adventures learning about space, we’ve come back to Earth to learn about keeping active and healthy. This term we will be learning about food systems, how foods can be grown fresh and the process they go through before we eat them.


Space Night

Everyone in grade Prep, One and Two came back to school when it was dark on Thursday 4th of September for a Space Night.

We had to transport the martian eggs.

IMG_0780 IMG_0779 IMG_0761 IMG_0757

Put the Space Rocks in the Craters

IMG_0765 IMG_0753

Walk with no gravity

IMG_0750 IMG_0762 IMG_0763

Throw the flying saucer

IMG_0749 IMG_0760 IMG_0769

Run through the craters

IMG_0772 IMG_0751 IMG_0771

And balance and bounce on the moon

IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0755 IMG_0778

After that we got to go for a walk with our torches to look at the stars

IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0788 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0789