To start our term we learned all about our National Anthem ‘Advance Australia Fair’. We learned what the words mean and why we show respect and feel proud when we sing it. We thought of lots of different places we hear or sing the National Anthem.IMG_4383advance-australia-fair-picture-book

We learned about the State flora and fauna emblems.

Vic state emblems Floral emblems colouring in

We made flags and Australian banners.

IMG_0899 IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0902


Road Safety Week

The Road Safety volunteers visited to teach us about being safe on and around the road.

We learned how to …

IMG_4040 IMG_4039

wear a bike helmet safely,

IMG_4046 IMG_4047

cross the road safely,

IMG_4051 IMG_4048 IMG_4050

and move safely around hybrid cars because you can’t hear them.

IMG_4041 IMG_4042 IMG_4044

We also got to have a look in a police car.

IMG_0896 IMG_0897 IMG_0891 IMG_0893 IMG_0895

There was a special course set up on the basketball court so we could practice walking and riding safely.