Nick Bland and Jeannie Baker

The Grade 2s did an author and illustrator focus on Nick Bland and Jeannie Baker.

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They wrote their own sensible facts and ideas for Henry to help with his imaginitis and wrote a letter to a monster.


They enjoyed the details in Jeannie Baker’s books and created their own collage or picture for a window scene.

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Mem Fox, Terry Denton, Tom Roberts and Traditional Tunes

We read lots of books by Mem Fox.

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She works with lots of different illustrators on her books. One of our favourites was Terry Denton. He draws very funny cartoons and works with Andy Griffiths a lot.

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We also sang some traditional Australian songs like Botany Bay, Home Among the Gum Trees, Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree and Click Go the Shears.

We looked at Tom Roberts art, particularly the ‘Shearing of the Rams’.


We made our own paintings based on some of our favourite Aussie songs.

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