Book Week

We celebrated Book Week on Monday 22nd of August with a whole school dress up day and parade.

IMG_8075 IMG_8053 IMG_8052 IMG_8077 IMG_8076IMG_8063 IMG_8061 IMG_8057 IMG_8054  IMG_8064 IMG_8068  IMG_8069 IMG_8071

We got to dress up as our favourite Aussie book character, because the Book Week theme is ‘Australia: Story Country’

Zarah horse Adam swallowed a fly Archie Specky McGee Bailee Alice in Wonderland Bailee beard Charles farmer Charli bee Cody Surfer Hudson Andy Griffiths Jake Cat in the Hat Lucindah Lost Girl Mark Aussie Dad Max Robot Natalie Pearlie the Fairy Rebecca Dressmaker Richie Zak Power Seth farmer

We shared our favourite books with a buddy from another classroom

Zarah and Amber Adam and Nick Archie and Spencer Bailee and Indigo Hudson and Machrie Lucindah and Chloe Mark and Noah Max and Xav Natalie and Grace Richie and Josh

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