Activity Day

We had lots of fun during the Prep – 4 Activity day.

Grade Preps went to Colac West Primary School, Grade 1s went to Sacred Heart and Grade 2s went to St Mary’s.

We played lots of games and did fun activitys in different coloured groups.

 14625679_10154176030123842_228187067_o 14632757_10154176030653842_1460973809_o 14647201_10154176030423842_2098341969_o 14672662_10154176030768842_1950796093_o img_8915 img_8908 14689784_10154176030918842_1981277181_o 14699543_10154176030293842_632601811_o 14697119_10154176029953842_6167267_o img_889814689257_10154176031228842_346940552_o img_8902 img_890414699543_10154176030293842_632601811_o  14689973_10154176031078842_130346511_o

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