Food Science

Getting ready for a term project of inventing our own food, I thought I’d demonstrate to the kids what can happen whfood experiment 2en you mix certain foods together.

food experiment 1



It turned out rather messy. (My instruction sheet didn’t say this was going to happen!)

13 Storey Treehouse

Today was a special day for all students at Elliminyt Primary School. Not only did we have our fast little runners have a go against other Colac Primary School students and run their little legs off, but the whole school got to attend the amazing play based on Andy Griffith’s and Terry Denton’s hilarious story, The 13 Story Treehouse. Below are our guest reporters from 3/4 giving us their views of the show and their idea of what their ideal treehouse would look like.


The 13 Storey Treehouse was fun, awesome and cool because all of 3/4R loved it. Andy and Terry were funny and Val funny too!       By Chloe



The 13 Storey Treehouse was awesome  because it was so funny, silly and not like the book at all.      By Mickey

Around the World in 9 Weeks!

The 3/4 area have been busy travelling the world, playing international games, eating lots of delicious food and learning all about many different countries. Since the USA we have been to the United Kingdom, China, Germany and this week we’re in Italy!

In the UK we had the Highland Games doing the hammer throw and caber toss and making a delightful maypole. China taught us about a celebration for kids each year and we made windsocks and lanterns and had a try at using chopsticks!

Germany was a hillarious thighslapping fun week where we ate apple pancakes (apfel kuchen) and are continuing to make our advent calendars while our cuckoo clocks chime in the background.






This week in Italy we thought we’d master the style of Michelangelo and paint the roof our very own Cistine Chapel under the tables in the BER.

IMG_7197  IMG_7208 IMG_7209



We can’t wait for next week for our topic celebration excursion to town where we’re going to find all the multicultural cuisine in Colac. I wonder what we’ll find. Excursion is on Thursday 5th December leaving at 11.15am and returning to school at 2pm. Students won’t need to bring lunch that day as I’m sure we’ll find heaps of yummy treats to try in our very own main street of Colac. $10 must be returned with the permission slip by Tuesday 3rd December.

Welcome to Spooky USA!!!

This week in 3/4 we have been learning about the American influence in Australia. I’ll pass it over to Frankey and Edwina to tell you more:


“We found out information about the American Presidents. Mickey Mouse had his first movie in 1928. I like the start where he was whistling. We made coffins and ghosts and it was good.”

“Last week we learnt that Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon ever made in 1928. It was about a steamboat. We ate hotdogs and hamburgers and they were delicious. We made coffins on Thursday for Halloween and it was scary.”


Multiculturalism in Australia-Aboriginals and Japan

Welcome back to Term 4!! Final term and it’s disappearing fast.

In the 3/4 area we’ve been having lots of fun learning about the influences that many countries have had on Australia over the years. We began our topic with the original founders of our beautiful country, the Aborigines. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Paul who owned a range of didgeridoos and even played a didgeridoo made out of PVC Piping. How easy it that??IMG_7122IMG_7128


Some of the kids had a go at playing the didgeridoo. They were naturals!

Last week we welcomed the Japanese culture and it’s influences to our country. We cooked some yummy chicken and sweet corn soup and had a go at making traditional headbands with Japanese writing on them.

IMG_7136 IMG_7137Watch out for these karate kids!

Smooth Moves in 3/4

This week in 3/4 straight from the kids mouths:

We are learning about Australian Geography in Integrated Studies. This week we have designed a school flag and we will soon have a school song. For our project, we have researched about a state. Everyone has a different state to research about such as ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and NT. We are working in groups of 3 or 4 for this project.

Selamat pagi semua orang! Good morning everyone! In Indonesian we are learning about clothes words. A couple of them are topi (hat), rok (skirt) and there are lots more. That’s what we’ve been doing.

For the last couple of days in Maths, we’ve been doing subtraction with trading. We know our 100s, 10s and some of us know how to subtract 1000s!

Our sound in Spelling this week is the ‘or’ sound. There are lots of spellings of this sound such as oor, oar, ore, aw, ough, aw augh and lots more!

Our class as been doing a lot of stuff but I will tell you about Writer’s Notebook. It is something that you can write anything about. You can write poems, stories, posters and a lot of other genres. It is a good thing to do in school. It helps you write a lot better and it is really awesome!

This week in Art we have been making a small clay pot for a wire bonsi tree. We had to smooth it with water so it doesn’t have cracks. Then we went outside, took a piece of paper and a pencil and tried to draw a bonsi tree.

In science we’ve been showing ways to move things.

We need to pull harder!!

We need to pull harder!!

We’ve been doing tug of war and learning about friction and drawing diagrams about what we’ve been doing.

Let's try tug of war with everyone wearing socks and no shoes. Maybe that will make it fairer.

How much friction will styrofoam create when we slide this book over it?

How much friction will styrofoam create when we slide this book over it?

This is our first blog done and dusted. By Clare, Liam, Alana, Jordyn, Eliza and Aiden

3/4D Integrated Studies

Term 3 sees the Grade 3 and 4s looking at Australia and what makes our nation great.

We have focused on how Australia was discovered, our original settlers and convicts and the discovery of gold. We are now looking at our National and State symbols and creating Travel brochures to every Australian state and state information posters

We had great time in creating our convict wanted posters