Multiculturalism in Australia-Aboriginals and Japan

Welcome back to Term 4!! Final term and it’s disappearing fast.

In the 3/4 area we’ve been having lots of fun learning about the influences that many countries have had on Australia over the years. We began our topic with the original founders of our beautiful country, the Aborigines. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Paul who owned a range of didgeridoos and even played a didgeridoo made out of PVC Piping. How easy it that??IMG_7122IMG_7128


Some of the kids had a go at playing the didgeridoo. They were naturals!

Last week we welcomed the Japanese culture and it’s influences to our country. We cooked some yummy chicken and sweet corn soup and had a go at making traditional headbands with Japanese writing on them.

IMG_7136 IMG_7137Watch out for these karate kids!