Around the World in 9 Weeks!

The 3/4 area have been busy travelling the world, playing international games, eating lots of delicious food and learning all about many different countries. Since the USA we have been to the United Kingdom, China, Germany and this week we’re in Italy!

In the UK we had the Highland Games doing the hammer throw and caber toss and making a delightful maypole. China taught us about a celebration for kids each year and we made windsocks and lanterns and had a try at using chopsticks!

Germany was a hillarious thighslapping fun week where we ate apple pancakes (apfel kuchen) and are continuing to make our advent calendars while our cuckoo clocks chime in the background.






This week in Italy we thought we’d master the style of Michelangelo and paint the roof our very own Cistine Chapel under the tables in the BER.

IMG_7197  IMG_7208 IMG_7209



We can’t wait for next week for our topic celebration excursion to town where we’re going to find all the multicultural cuisine in Colac. I wonder what we’ll find. Excursion is on Thursday 5th December leaving at 11.15am and returning to school at 2pm. Students won’t need to bring lunch that day as I’m sure we’ll find heaps of yummy treats to try in our very own main street of Colac. $10 must be returned with the permission slip by Tuesday 3rd December.

Welcome to Spooky USA!!!

This week in 3/4 we have been learning about the American influence in Australia. I’ll pass it over to Frankey and Edwina to tell you more:


“We found out information about the American Presidents. Mickey Mouse had his first movie in 1928. I like the start where he was whistling. We made coffins and ghosts and it was good.”

“Last week we learnt that Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon ever made in 1928. It was about a steamboat. We ate hotdogs and hamburgers and they were delicious. We made coffins on Thursday for Halloween and it was scary.”