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Pizza time!! Last Thursday saw our talented student teacher Ms Corkran teach 3/4R all about how to make fast food healthier. We learnt that pizza can be made healthier by cutting back on the amount of cheese, and use less meat. You could even try vegetarian like we did. We used olives, capsicum, mushrooms, feta cheese, pasta sauce, english muffins for the base and mozzarella cheese for ‘fun’, as Ms Corkran informed us.

In science last week we experimented with types of forces, hard, soft etc. to see how far the match box would fly depending on the force given to it.

This week we were lucky to see some vintage cars IMG_20130827_133152_829[1]parked on the school oval. Many cars were favourites to the kids including the one carrying a cow!IMG_20130827_132759_163[1]

Handwriting has become a big focus in 3/4R and many students are trying real hard forIMG_20130828_120105_307[1] their Pen Licence. The writing challenge this week was to focus on letter size and formation using the opposite hand!

IMG_20130828_120158_087[1]IMG_20130830_130343_500[1]IMG_20130830_130443_073[1]Lucky last to finish up the week, we made gifts for the men in our life to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday. Wishing all the dads, grandads, uncles and brothers as happy and relaxing day for sunday!

3/4 over and out. Bring on week 8! The count down to holidays has begun!!!


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