IMG_5529 IMG_5532This term we got our XOs. Everyone loves them! There are 29 applications for everyone to play with. Here are some kid’s opinons of their XOs:

Zara: I like the ability that the XOs can fold into a tablet. I also like that they are different than other computers.

Lilly: I like that everyone has a different colour on the front of each XO. I like them because they’re touch screen.

Danny: I like all of the activities that come on the XO. I like the ability to chat to your friends.

Imogen: I like the face activity on the XOs. I also like the internet.

Kira: I like that you can chat to people on the XOs. I also like the paint activity on the XOs

Obviously all of them really like the the XOs. Thanks everyone who participated in the school blog this week.

By Brad

23rd of may we had a homemade car race students from 6T made cars which had to be powed my wind on catapult every student was expected to make a car and race it and the winning had to face the winning car from 5 h the winnning car from our grade was belle and Tennessee with a catapult car. The picture below was the winning one.IMG_5526