Introducing 5/6L

5/6L is one of the 5/6 classes at Elliminyt Primary School. This year in our class we have 29 students and 4 teachers. Mrs LoRicco our class teacher, Sharyn and Leanne who are aids and we used to have Mrs Knight who left half way through the year and recently had her first child.  These are the students in our class. Brett, Ricky, Sharni, Jeremy, Hayden, Soul, Margaret, Tyler, Bryce, Belle, Mia, Nala, Hayley, Caitlyn, Bryson, Stella, Tilly, Mackenna, Sam, Angus, Skye, Cameron, Sarsha, Tadi, Callum, Scott, Hunter, Mikaylah and Brodie. This year the subjects each term have been Science is Magic, Economics and Government. This term we are working on Government and we have to write up a project. We got to choose a minimum of 4 activities which we have to complete before the end of term.

In writing we have a new topic to work on. We have to write a narrative within a 2 week period. There are many topics to choose from but most of the topics have been chosen by the students. Some students are even up to typing their narratives.

This weeks King and Queen are …


Well done.


You might be wondering what our king and Queen are. It is a new addition in our class room. The King and Queen are the 2 student of the weeks. They have been chosen by Mrs LoRicco because they have done fantastic things the week before. The King and Queen get to sit at an old desk that has been painted and done up by the wonderful Mrs LoRicco. The King and Queen sit at the desk for 1 week before moving to the new King and Queen’s old seats.

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