IMG_5529 IMG_5532This term we got our XOs. Everyone loves them! There are 29 applications for everyone to play with. Here are some kid’s opinons of their XOs:

Zara: I like the ability that the XOs can fold into a tablet. I also like that they are different than other computers.

Lilly: I like that everyone has a different colour on the front of each XO. I like them because they’re touch screen.

Danny: I like all of the activities that come on the XO. I like the ability to chat to your friends.

Imogen: I like the face activity on the XOs. I also like the internet.

Kira: I like that you can chat to people on the XOs. I also like the paint activity on the XOs

Obviously all of them really like the the XOs. Thanks everyone who participated in the school blog this week.

By Brad

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