Kids Work Samples

Free Writing

Diary of a Whimpy Cat by Belle 5/6L

The flight from New Zealand to Australia by Tadi 5/6L

July holidays by Cameron 5/6L

Elliminyt Primary School by Mia 5/6L

Water Wonder by Macky 5/6L

Catherine Helen Spence by Belle 5/6L

Wii Sport Resort by Ricky 5/6L

Old man gardener by Brett 5/6L

Natures Gaurdians by Angus 5/6L

Isabelle Charlotte Brylow by Hayley 5/6L

How diamonds are formed by Rhys 5/6H

Best Dog by Carl 5/6H

Bikes by Jai 5/6H

Antarctica by Hannah 5/6H

My Family by Sharni 5/6L