Australia’s Cup – Building Begins

This term the grade 5/6’s are designing and building boats for Elliminyt Australia’s Cup. We are using a range of different materials including balsa wood, bottles and plastic bags.We will be building a trench and will be racing our boats. Most of us have started building our boats  and some of us are starting to decorate. We have chosen a team name and a boat name, ourboat name is called Queen Avril and our team name is Festie Besties!  We have finished building our boat and we are now starting to decorate, we are using shells. On the 18th of November we will be having our boat race. Let the best boat WIN!!      Sharni & Mia

Check out some of our team posters!

Wrinkle Bottom

Queen Avril

Cool Sailings

Melbourne Camp

“Photos at the bottom of post”

Last week the Grade 5/6’s along with 7 adults went to Melbourne Camp.

A huge thankyou to Ms Hulonce for all her hard work organising the camp and handling all the paperwork that goes with such a huge task.

Also a big thankyou to Darkie our bus driver who was fantastic, he came along to most activities and joined in with the kids, he was a great help and camp wouldn’t have been the same without him :)

Sharyn, Leanne and Mandy were also fantastic assistance, although I think they may have had more fun than the kids :)

Mr Marriot was kind enough to offer his time to come along and be a part of our camp, Mr Marriot entertained the kids and had a great time on the waterslides :)

I think I can speak for everyone in saying that all students were very well behaved and represented Elliminyt Primary School in a fantastic manner.

Here are a few recounts that students have written on their time on camp:

Melbourne Camp – Mia

Melbourne Camp – Shaley

Melbourne Camp – Sharni

Bus Trip to Melbourne


First up was Science Works

IMG_4810 IMG_4809 IMG_4787 2 IMG_4795 2 IMG_4797 101_0503 101_0502 101_0491 101_0498 101_0492

Shrine of Remembrance

SANY0042 SANY0030 SANY0021 SANY0019 SANY0011 IMG_4842 IMG_4821 IMG_4819 IMG_4816 IMG_4815 101_0507 101_0521 101_0522

Eureka Skydeck

SANY0056 2013-08-21 19.33.21 2013-08-21 19.23.51 2013-08-21 19.12.43 2013-08-21 19.12.30 2013-08-21 19.12.07 2013-08-21 19.11.24 101_0534


SANY0078 SANY0106 SANY0071 SANY0070 SANY0063 2013-08-22 11.23.12 2013-08-22 10.03.30


MCG Tour


SANY0143 SANY0148 SANY0141 SANY0136 SANY0135 SANY0133 SANY0132 SANY0130 2013-08-22 16.02.52 2013-08-22 16.03.14 2013-08-22 15.22.16 2013-08-22 15.03.22 2013-08-22 15.01.36 2013-08-22 14.40.48 2013-08-22 14.37.51 2013-08-22 14.31.01 2013-08-22 14.23.02 2013-08-22 15.01.45



IMG_5131 IMG_5128 IMG_5106 IMG_5060 IMG_5062 IMG_5068 IMG_5100 IMG_5103 IMG_5059 IMG_5046 IMG_5001 IMG_4989 IMG_4988 IMG_4979 IMG_4944 IMG_4974 IMG_4938 IMG_4941 IMG_4937 IMG_4924 IMG_4923 IMG_4917 IMG_4913 IMG_4903 IMG_4865 IMG_4861 IMG_4898 IMG_4879 IMG_4851 IMG_4871 IMG_4869



Parliament House

SANY0163 SANY0161 2013-08-23 10.57.35 2013-08-23 11.04.05 2013-08-23 11.09.50 2013-08-23 10.52.56 2013-08-23 10.52.45 2013-08-23 10.49.35


Bus Trip Home :)

2013-08-23 15.30.06

Mrs Knight’s Visit

Today Thursday the 8th of August 2013 Mrs Knight and her newly born child Anneliese came in to see us. We have made them a present that we had presented to them. We made hearts that we had painted a design on and then sewed together, we did it all with the help of Nanna Sharyn.

When Mrs Knight arrived we were all really excited to see her and Anneliese. We all agree that Annelies is very cute.

Enjoy our visit with Mrs Knight!

Enjoy our visit with Mrs Knight!

Mrs Knight and Caitlyn

Mrs Knight and Caitlyn

Mrs Knight with Callum, Bryce, Macky and Sharni.

Mrs Knight with Callum, Bryce, Macky and Sharni.

Mrs Knight and Anneliese with Tadi, Angus, Scott, Cameron and Belle.

Mrs Knight and Anneliese with Tadi, Angus, Scott, Cameron and Belle.

Mrs Knight and Anneliese with Ricky, Nala, Skye, Hayley and Stella.

Mrs Knight and Anneliese with Ricky, Nala, Skye, Hayley and Stella.

Mrs Knight and Anneliese with Margaret, Mia, Makaylah, Hayden, and Sarsha.

Mrs Knight and Anneliese with Margaret, Mia, Makaylah, Hayden, and Sarsha.

Leanne hogging the cuddles :)

Leanne hogging the cuddles :)

Leanne, Anneliese, Mrs Knight and Sharyn. The Dream Team :)

Leanne, Anneliese, Mrs Knight and Sharyn.
The Dream Team :)

Introducing 5/6L

5/6L is one of the 5/6 classes at Elliminyt Primary School. This year in our class we have 29 students and 4 teachers. Mrs LoRicco our class teacher, Sharyn and Leanne who are aids and we used to have Mrs Knight who left half way through the year and recently had her first child.  These are the students in our class. Brett, Ricky, Sharni, Jeremy, Hayden, Soul, Margaret, Tyler, Bryce, Belle, Mia, Nala, Hayley, Caitlyn, Bryson, Stella, Tilly, Mackenna, Sam, Angus, Skye, Cameron, Sarsha, Tadi, Callum, Scott, Hunter, Mikaylah and Brodie. This year the subjects each term have been Science is Magic, Economics and Government. This term we are working on Government and we have to write up a project. We got to choose a minimum of 4 activities which we have to complete before the end of term.

In writing we have a new topic to work on. We have to write a narrative within a 2 week period. There are many topics to choose from but most of the topics have been chosen by the students. Some students are even up to typing their narratives.

This weeks King and Queen are …


Well done.


You might be wondering what our king and Queen are. It is a new addition in our class room. The King and Queen are the 2 student of the weeks. They have been chosen by Mrs LoRicco because they have done fantastic things the week before. The King and Queen get to sit at an old desk that has been painted and done up by the wonderful Mrs LoRicco. The King and Queen sit at the desk for 1 week before moving to the new King and Queen’s old seats.

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Elliminyt Primary School grade 5/6 blog.

This is an opportunity for our students to share some of the things they do while at school.

Banksia proudly displaying the flag!

Banksia proudly displaying the flag!Some of the members of the Banksia House

Representatives of the Grevillea House

Representatives of the Grevillea House!



Some of the members of the Eucalypt House

Some of the members of the Eucalypt House